The knowing of your devices in situation

COHORTE IoT Pack is a complete solution for industrial manufacturers, suppliers of water, energy or equipment, wishing to follow or interact with their equipments in operation.

A bridge between your company and its devices

1. Collect

Our model driven extensible data architecture allows you to easily collect information from multiple IoT-ready devices (COHORTE Devices or any other), regardless of the nature of their sensors/actuators

2. Aggregate

The COHORTE IoT Pack Aggregator implements multiple components and features, using a multi-tenant system that allows you to analyse your data in whichever way fits your needs best.

3. Elaborate

Analyse, visualize, manipulate and compare data. The IoT Pack tools allow you to dynamically create relevant exportations and manage Business Rules for your company.

4. Integrate

Easily configure our platform to work with your company's internal IT and management systems (ERP, CMMS), assuring real and fast improvements in productivity.

How does it work ?

COHORTE IoT Pack is a multi-node component based software built using the COHORTE platform.

The Aggregator node is deployed in a Docker container. As the aggregator is a stateless service, adaptation to the load is accomplished simply by the addition of new containers. This deployment mode allows you to use the offers of Microsoft Azure ©, Amazon AWS ©, IBM Bluemix ©, Iliad Scaleway ©

The Devices nodes are deployed in Linux boxes (eg. RPi). These nodes natively use the REST interface of the aggregator to create measurements and each measurement creation is plotted. The connections of the Devices nodes to the aggregator are controlled by an authentication mechanism which makes it possible to repudiate them if necessary.

The COHORTE IoT Pack aggregator has also a raw measures listener that allows to process third-party measurement flows such as those of LPWAN netwoks as those of Orange © or Bouyges © or SigFox ©

A robust Software that fits your needs, whichever they may be

The IoT Pack is modular and reliable, with a high level of robustness, thanks to the COHORTE Platform used to develop it

Component Based Software

Our new Product, the COHORTE IoT Pack greatly leverages our Component Based approach to Software development. That allows us to provide a safe, reliable, extensible and versatile solution to any company looking to expand their activities in the growing IoT world

Model Driven Data

Using the concept of Model Driven Software Engineering, we can maximize the compatibility between our platform and your data systems, making sure your company is ready to deploy it's IoT system and functionalities as soon as possible


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