Product line

IoT Pack

A set of components allowing you to build easily Industrial Internet of Things applications and deploy them on premise or in the cloud.

Connector for X3

A set of components allowing you to put in place interoperability solutions and more, between Sage X3 software packages and third party systems.


The free innovative platform allowing you to develop and deploy complex, reliable and distributed software.

Tools for Eclipse

A set of tools availabe in the Eclipse's market place to make the COHORTE platform even more user friendly.  COMMING SOON...

Our products are based on the results of our scientific work done with the Grenoble Alpes University. Validated by industrial developments, they are now available to help you during your integration projects.

Free tools

  • Plugins

  • iPOPO
  • iPOJO Nature

Set of Open Source tools allowing you to develop easily software using COHORTE and extend the platform.



Cohorte technologies offers IT engineering services focused on the use of the COHORTE platform to develop complex distributed software.

Cohorte technologies offers IT engineering services focused on JAVA and OSGi. OSGi is a specification adopted by major industry players such as IBM, SAP, Schneider Electric, Sage or BMW.

Cohorte technologies offers high valuated and quick integration engineering for your Sage X3 solution. Olivier Gattaz (COHORTE Technologies's founder) worked for decades as software architect at Sage. He designed and implemented the Java Bridge module allowing the interoperability of Sage X3 with the external systems.

Whether you're looking for OSGi or Sage X3 integration support, or want to experiment and use our products, feel free to get in touch with us.