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Who we are?

COHORTE Technologies was founded by Olivier Gattaz, a specialist in interoperability technology and service oriented development. In his last salaried position as a software architect with publisher Sage France, Olivier Gattaz was responsible for the two components ensuring connectivity of management software packages in the medium and large enterprises range.

This role allowed him to observe and take part in numerous Sage MLE software package integration projects when these companies needed to be connected to third-party hardware or applications to carry out undelayed data exchanges.

The main point he noticed when working on these integration projects was the lack of a safe and simple to implement industrial solution to guarantee the processing of 100% of data exchanges. Since the technologies required to create modular industrial tools to address this need were becoming available, Olivier Gattaz launched the PSEM2M project, which led to the creation of COHORTE.

Today, the COHORTE Technologies's team growing up with new software engineeners to develop and improve continuously our expertise to offer you the best products and services.

Our corporate mission is to be a long-term, recognized company, through the development of loyal customers who appreciate using an easy to assimilate tool.

Our values are based on curiosity, listening, meeting expectations and a strong work ethic.


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