COHORTE Connector for X3

The Sage X3 booster

Integrate easily the resources of your enterprise into your information system using COHORTE.

COHORTE Connector for X3 is a set of software components deployed in the Sage X3 Java Bridge Server.

The aim of those components is to extend technicals capabilities of the Sage X3 platform foundation used by the X3 line.

All the X3 line software-packages can benefit from the capabilities of Cohorte Connector for X3: Sage ERP X3, Sage GEODE, Sage X3 People Sage X3 Fixed Assets

As COHORTE connector use the same technologies, it is fully compliant with the Sage X3 Java Bridge Server.


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The components

Functional Components

COHORTE Connector for X3 contains functional components which provide services callable by X3 treatments and/or calling X3 treatments according external events..

  • JMS Client : a JMS client which allows you to emit messages in queues managed by one or more Message Oriented Middleware (MOMs).

  • JMS Listener : a JMS Listener which listens the activity of message queues managed by one or more MOMs. Incoming messages are treated like events by handlers which call synchronously the associated x3 treatments.

    The supported JMS MOMs are : IBM Websphere MQ, Apache ActiveMQ, Jboss HornetQ.

  • HTTP & REST server : an HTTP / HTTPS server which process the incoming queries using compiled javascript servlets and asynclet.

  • Secured HTTP client : an HTTP / HTTPS client secured using TLS client certificate. This client allows you to send Authenticated requests to external REST services directly from the X3 L4G treatments.

  • CSTA Bridge : a CSTA client which allows you to open and manage phone communications establishement from X3 UI screens. It provides also phone communication events listening which allows you to manage incoming calls.

  • COHORTE Bridge : a bridge wich allows the X3 treatments to consum OSGI services and, vice versa, to publish X3 treatments as OSGI services.

Utilitarian Components

These components provide one and more technical capabilities using by functionnal components or by X3 treatments.

  • Event Handlers : Takes charge of the events like the incoming JMS message or the http requests using handlers executing compiled scripts. The handlers are defined as lists of technical and functionnal tasks (log, send ack, X3 treatments calls, etc.).

  • Pool connexion client : Provides tools to built RPC calls use by the connexion pool provided by the Java Bridge Server. This component hide the API complexity provide by SAGE editor, by bearing simple format in XML and JSON.

  • Pool manager :This tool monitors the availability of the groups of X3 connections defined in the pool to lock the event handlers as soon as one of the needed connection disappears.

  • Script manager : Provides tools to manage automatically the on-the-fly scripts compilations after their modifications.

  • Activity tracer : Provides tools to produce activity traces. All the functionnals components use this tools to generate detailed traces used during the setup and debug phases.

  • Data utilities : Provides tools to manipulate XML documents (generation, validation, reading). This tool is used by other CC4X3 components and it is usable from X3 treatments.

  • Configuration : Provides services to respect automatically the standard folder structure of the Java Bridge Server.