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A complete solution intended for equipments providers and manufacturing companies willing to know, follow and interact securely with their hardwares in operation.

Smart device

Simplicity.   COHORTE IoT Pack offers a homogeneous representation of your equipments in situation. Its functions of discovery and automatic registration of your equipments make it an easily deployable and scalable solution.

Wide area network

Economy.   COHORTE IoT Pack can use low-power consumption wide area network (LoRa, UNB) or a classic cellular network. Multiple networks can be transparently combined.

Hybrid solution

Optimization.   COHORTE IoT Pack can be deployed as a container on a premise server, or externally to allow access to third parties, or like hosted service to be monetizable.

Integration with your IS

Integration.   COHORTE IoT Pack communicates with Sage X3 natively, using our bridge with SAP. We use usual web services for the other ERPs.

Data secure

Security.   COHORTE IoT Pack secures data exchange at all levels. Collected data and outbound actions are encrypted before being sent between the connected objects and the agregator using secured TLS connections.

Customizable and extensible

Customization.   COHORTE IoT Pack is built on a reliable distributed component based software platform. The components of IoT Pack are extendable to fit the hardware suppliers needs

COHORTE IoT Pack is based on crypted communications and end-to-end authentications.