Open Source Projects

  • COHORTE Distributed Platform
    OSGi, Java, Python

    COHORTE is a cross-platform runtime for executing and managing robust and reliable distributed Service-oriented Component-based applications. Faulty components are automatically isolated from other components to garantee continuity of service

  • HERALD Messaging Framework
    OSGi, Java, Python

    With COHORTE, your distributed applications are now easy to develop, manage and monitor. Thanks to COHORTE's modular Remote Services and Its generic communication framework (Herald).

  • iPOPO Service Components framework
    OSGi, Python

    iPOPO is a Python-based Service-Oriented Component Model (SOCM) based on Pelix, a dynamic service platform. They are inspired on two popular Java technologies for the development of long-lived applications: the iPOJO component model and the OSGi Service Platform. iPOPO enables to conceive long-running and modular IT services.

  • iPOJO Nature
    Eclipse, OSGi, Java

    iPOJO is a tool from the Apache Felix project hugely simplifying the development of OSGi bundles. It is responsible for managing dependencies, injection of references in component variables.