COHORTE Platform

The reliable software development innovative platform

Software produced with COHORTE has a high level of robustness and reliability since it is made up of a set of components and services protected from one another by isolation containers.

This modular architecture guarantees that software cannot be paralyzed in the event of failure of one of its components.

This modular architecture ensures automatic service recovery after errors and supplies adapted responses in the event of the unavailability of the component which has to delivery of the service.

The COHORTE platform incorporates a set of tried and tested basic components which dramatically reduce specific developments, thereby limiting the cost of projects using it.

The level of reliability of software produced with COHORTE also reduces operating and maintenance costs of the IT services of the companies..

COHORTE Platform

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Initial Context

This is a scenario encountered in many companies which leads us to make the following observation:

Companies, and especially SMEs, increasingly need to connect easily and quickly to their management software package with third-party applications, mobile equipments or industrial equipments. No simple and reliable solution currently exists for their integration projects. They have a choice between two unsatisfactory approaches:

  • either using a classic ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) or an EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) not designed to be continuously available and whose complexity and the learning time are often prohibitive ,
  • or producing a specific software whose maintenance and upgrading are costly and time-consuming.

Both approaches are also insufficiently secure, they do not guarantee the processing of 100% of the transmeted data or the complete security of exchanges.

COHORTE is our offering designed to cover easily these lacks.


"A single lost message may be one too many".
Mamoon Yunus, CEO and Chairman of Crosscheck Networks, expert in SOA architecture

How does it work

COHORTE is based on three principles : a service component oriented, isolation and self-reorganization (autonomic computing).

The combination of these three principles allows you to produce easily distributed reliable software.

The software made with COHORTE aren’t monolytic software organized in layers. These software are sets of strong components distributed in isolates.

The software made with COHORTE have a consciousness and a behavior which allow them to recombine themselves without stopping when an event appears.

COHORTE allows you to develop components using Java, Python, x#, C or C++.

The software developed using COHORTE are based on an OSGi framework (Java or Python), and they can run on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, etc. and from "PC on a chip"(ARM) to a corporate server.

COHORTE gives you an homognenous world allowing you to deploy components in many nodes just by specifying constraints.

All the exchanges between the nodes of a distributed software developed with COHORTE are crypted and authenticated.

At runtime, the monitoring feature of COHORTE allows you to look at all the instanciated components of your software :