OSGi Engineering (Java / Python)

How we can help?

The biggest industry players like IBM, Schneider Electric, SAP or even, BMW, adopted the OSGI specification

A benefit of this technology, it's the possibility to easily realise trully modular applications allowing partial updates or new modules injections during operation.

The best example is the Eclipse's development environment wich is entirely based on the modularity permitted by OSGI.

Mastering plug-ins developpment for the Eclipse platform, we are able to accompany you in your projects based on this platform .

We also use Apache Felix and iPojo tools for the COHORTE project developpment.

OSGi Platform

Cohorte technologies offers IT engineering services focused on JAVA and OSGI.

We are an early adopters of OSGi specification and we are specialist in it.

    Open Source Distributed Component-based service-oriented platform.
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    Agile BPM Tool