Sage X3 Engineering

How we can help?

We carry out developments to adapt the communication components of the Sage® X3 platform to the company's needs:

Development and training in the creation of OSGI bundles to extend the capabilities of the Sage X3 Java Bridge Server component (JMS connector, REST server, PABX connector,lecacy interfaces,...)
Implementation of the Sage X3 Web Server component in an existing network infrastructure (e.g. integration into a corporate portal, etc.)
Development of specific graphic blocks able to be integrated into X3 functions (e.g. device management interface in the ERP, etc.)
Functional analysis and fine-tuning of Sage X3 Web Server and Sage X3 Java Bridge Server components

Sage X3

Cohorte technologies offers services specific to the Sage® X3 platform.

We have highly qualified engineers that can help you customizing and engineering your Sage Platform.

  • Sage services
    JMS Connector between Apache ActiveMQ and Sage ERP X3©
  • Michellin
    JMS Connector between IBM Websphere MQ and Sage GEODE©
  • Notification server for X3©
    Notification server bundles integrated to Sage ERP X3
  • Sage USA
    SageSPS and Cybersource payment bundles integrated in the purchase business process of Sage ERP X3©